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Details by Wahl&Ross is founded by Maria & Drew Wahlberg Rosskelly. 

Since 2010 Wahl&Ross have with passion designed and detailed products for our clients. Now 10 years later we are launching our own products under Details by Wahl&Ross.

At the beginning of COVID-19 we (like everyone else) didn't know what would happen in the world and we realised that we needed a strategy to enable us to secure our continued relevance and hence the jobs of our employees.
At the same time we recognised a need for a dispenser that was less intrusive and not designed specifically for the bathroom area, but rather help people adapt to the new normal and fit into receptions, meeting rooms, hotels, stores, restaurants, cafes, entrances of homes etc.

Through focussed collaboration by all our talented employees in the development team, we reached a great result and we are proud to present our first product a new Patent Pending Automatic Hand Sanitising Dispenser.


Why Details?
Product details and detailing is an integral part of the design process. We believe it has to be done inhouse - after all the beauty is in the detail.

Material matters
We choose to use the best material for the application, to ensure longivity of the product life as well as considering the sustainability of the material itself. i.e. Northern European oak wood, aluminium is from recycled sources, and in specific components  plastic is the best choice for product longevity and hygiene. We use recycled materials where possible. 

What we dont do
We don't greenwash, we don't try to tell you that our product is green, because the greenest thing you can do is not to consume anything at all. No matter how many trees you plant there will always be a consequence.

What we do
We offer you is a choice of a more considered product with a longer life expectancy, lower power usage, refillable to reduce single use plastics and overall our goal is to make all our products a minimal impact on resources and the environment. 

Watch Drew & Maria talk about the development and the product.