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Details by Wahl&Ross is founded by Maria & Drew Wahlberg Rosskelly. Since 2010 Wahl&Ross have with passion designed and detailed products for our clients. 10 years later we launched our own products under Details by Wahl&Ross.

Frist in the range is the Details dispenser for hand sanitiser or liquid soap. When designing the product we recognised a need for a dispenser that was less intrusive and not designed specifically for the bathroom area, but rather help people adapt to the new normal and fit into receptions, meeting rooms, hotels, stores, restaurants, cafes, entrances of homes etc.

Why is the company called Details?
Product details and design detailing is an integral part of the design process and we do it all inhouse. 

Details design philosophy
We believe to make things that are worth making.

We believe that products need to be made with consideration for the environment and material and production choices are very important to ensure that we use our resources in a meaningful way.

We believe in use and reuse - products need to be long lasting and to achieve that they have to be modular, serviceable and upgradable in both firmware, software to avoid untimely obsolescence.

We believe in human centric design - not only ergonomics and solving a problem but also to spark an emotional connection. If you really like your product we believe you are more likely to look after and keep it for longer. An example is the Details Dispenser where we used wood as a warm natural material to give a less clinical and more positive impression to the end user.

What we offer
We offer you a choice of a very considered product with a long life expectancy, its refillable to reduce single use plastics and overall our goal is thoughtful design to make all our products a minimal impact on resources and the environment.