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Details dispenser Shortlisted for Danish Design Award

Posted by Julie Krat on

Details dispenser Shortlisted for Danish Design Award

When we set out to design the dispenser we wanted to make a great design, both aestethcally, functionally and with focus on the products environmental impact. And we did it! We’re so incredible proud that the Details dispenser by Wahl&Ross has been shortlisted for the Danish Design Award 2021.

This is a big recognition for the design and product we have developed.

The design of the dispenser have been through a long process to ensure the perfect form and give a great first impression.
The sculptual form invites for use - it's also easy to clean due to the design.

What makes the dispenser design unique and sustainable is the refill and reuse system we created.
We decided that we wanted to do better and make an option that would reduce plastic use.
Making a difference for the environment and also make it easier for bigger places that otherwise have to dispose many bottles daily.
We have created a system that caters for both those that only have a few dispensers that might need frequent refilling, but also one for those that have hundreds that have to be refilled daily.

The dispenser we have designed and developed have been with the intention to offer you a choice of a more considered product with the best user experience.

The award is yet to be passed to the winner - so stay tuned...

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