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Danish Design Award Finalist

Posted by Julie Krat on

Danish Design Award Finalist

The dispenser from Details by Wahl&Ross is a finalist in Danish Design Award!

We have to cope with the suspense for a bit longer - so stay tuned!

The jury of Danish Design Award commented:
A new aesthetic approach to a product type - the hand sanitise dispenser - which has become a part of our "new everyday life".

“This design solves a difficult situation in a human way and gives a positive first impression. The solution is a quick response to a new situation and is the most attractive design the jury has seen for this type of product. The dispenser is by no means displeasing, like so many products of a similar nature. The functionality is well thought out and the dispenser can be mounted in three different ways. A contemporary and well-crafted design that brings beauty to a boring problem.”

For Details' finalist page on Danish Design Award click here.

Danish Design Award said this about this years finalists:
“The designers and companies behind the solutions show how good design can help solve climate challenges, conflicts between people, create opportunities for inspiring learning and break with habitual thinking. This year we have also seen several really good solutions that address the corona pandemic and make a positive difference for people in a difficult time. It can be something as simple as getting more people to spray their hands with a well-designed dispenser.”

Read more about the finalists of this years Danish Design Award here.

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