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Details in the making

Posted by Maria Wahlberg Rosskelly on

details handsanitizing dispenser

We are so proud to present our new company, new brand and first product! The product company itself has been a lifelong dream and the situation in the spring gave us the final nudge to take the plunge. We like everyone else got worried with the entry of Covid. What would happen to the world, to people in general, to life, to our consultancy, our employees and our livelihoods? We decided that we had to adapt to the new situation. 

At the same time we saw a problem and a need that we knew we could do something about. Everyone need hand sanitising dispensers at their front desk, office, restaurant, hotel etc. but all the products available was designed for bathrooms. No other bathroom product would ever be put out in the front of a store or restaurant. The hand sanitising dispenser is in the "New Normal" the very first point of interaction and therefore it's essentially the first impression. 

This is the reason we started an internal project designing a hand sanitising dispenser. We think we have been fast… Its not just another sourced product. We have actually designed the product inside out, challenging the traditional form language for this product category. The development started in April and we are now Beta Testing. 

As we went along we found that there were more issues with many of the current products already in the market and we decided to address those as well. Our dispenser is not only beautiful, it is fast and we have made a smart algorithm to improve the sensor, so it works without delay. We also found out that there was a need for a refillable solution to eliminate single use plastics and for some systems even single use pumps mechanisms. We have addressed and solved all the problems we found and the final result we think is great. The product is affordable and accessible.

All in all we love it - if you do to then follow us on insta and share!

from the Details Team

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